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From a modest beginning in 1978, Rajiv Advertisers, New Delhi has now grown into a fully integrated One-Stop-Shop for all Gifting needs, Brand Awareness & for Awards and Recognitions. The Firm has strengths in both Corporate Gifting and Gifts for the Indian Army, and is committed to adopt the best industry practices internationally in order to achieve Excellence. The guiding philosophy of the organization, throughout, has been Innovations in Designs, Creating Utility Articles, Generating new Ideas out of the ordinary & continuously Striving for Perfection.

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HQ 162 INF BDE,  White Metal Ornamental Pen Stand with Ink-pots


RTS Depot Hisar, 3D Engraved Crystal with Wooden LED Base


CWE Palam, 3D Engraved Crystal with Wooden LED Base
5 Ladakh Scouts, INDIA-KAZAKHSTAN Lapel Pin

Riding Championship Trophy

5 JAKRIF, COs Board

2 Lancers, Wooden Memento with Color Printing

2 Lancers, Steel Coasters

5 JAKRIF, OFFRS Mess Board

2 Lancers, Tiepin Cufflink Set

2 Lancers, Lion Trophy

23 INF DIV, Wooden Book with Steel Plates

5 Ladakh Scouts, Cufflinks, Tie Pin & Lapel Pin Set

5 MTN ARTY BDE, 3D Engraved Crystal
with Wooden LED Lit Base

5 JAKRIF, Kangla Sha CO Cane Stand

5 JAKRIF, Trophy Kangla Fort with Kangla Sha

33 RR, 3D Engraved Crystal
with Wooden LED lit Base

SFF Academy, Acrylic Thick Memento

9 PARA FD REGT, Platinum Jubilee Trophy
Revolving Center Piece Trophy Ht: 6'3"

9 PARA FD REGT, Platinum Jubilee Trophy
Revolving Center Piece Trophy Ht: 6'3"

9 PARA FD REGT, Pure Silver TIGERS' Trophy Ht: 2' 

9 PARA FD REGT, Veterans Trophy Ht: 4'2"

9 PARA FD REGT, Veterans Trophy Ht: 4'2"

Jaisalmer War Museum, Leather Covered SS Hip Flask

Jaisalmer War Museum, Vintage Pocket Watch

Jaisalmer War Museum, SS Hip Flask

43 ARMD, Special White Metal Salver Framed in Italian Resin

43 ARMD, White Metal Salver with Wooden base

43 ARMD, Pure Silver ARJUN Lapel Pin

2 KUMAON, Wall Clock

43 ARMD, Arjun Tank Aari Cut Cufflinks

1812 RKT REGT, Leather Sling Bag

1812 RKT REGT, Gold Plated Tie Pin

64 FD REGT, Silver Lapel Pin

64 FD REGT, Silver Pipe Band Trophy

Jaisalmer War Museum, Leather Photoframe

Jaisalmer War Museum, Pen & Key Chain Set

Jaisalmer War Museum, Wooden Table Top

OTA, White Metal Salver 12 inches

16 RR, White Metal Visitors Book

17 RR, Flag Hoisting on a Mountain Trophy

HQ 71 SUB AREA, White Metal Pen Stand with Metal Sleek Pens

9 ENGR REGT, Leather Cheque Book Cover

Silver Jubilee Scroll in a Velvet Box

267 ENGR REGT, Golden Jubilee Tie

HQ 11 SECT RR, Vintage Pocket Watch

HQ 11 SECT RR, Wrist Watch

HQ 71 SUB AREA, Visitors Book with White Metal Cover

9 PARA FD REGT, The Rising Sun Trophy

INDIAN AIR FORCE, White Metal Trophy

8 ENGR REGT, Leather Laptop Conference Bag

76 INF BDE, Commander's Cane

51 ENGR REGT, White Metal Memorial Trophy

254 (I) ARMD BDE, Metal Bottle Opener Key Chain

254 (I) ARMD BDE, Metal Key Chain

254 (I) ARMD BDE, Wall Clock

254 (I) ARMD BDE, Coffee Mug

Reunion Batch of 1980, Sublimation Tie

Reunion Batch of 1980, Ladies Stoles

161 INF BDE, Coffee Mug

White Metal T-72 Tank Trophy

19 MAHAR REGT, Lazer Engraved Wooden Memento

7 INF DIV, Wooden Memento with Steel Etched Matter

HQ 254 (I) ARMD BDE, Wooden Shield with Gold Plated Plates

412 (I) ENGR SQN, Trophy T-55 Tank with Mine Trawler & Soldiers
in White Metal with Wooden Base & Transparent Case

412 (I) ENGR SQN, OFFRS MESS Visitors Book
Big Size with White Metal Cover

HQ 6 SECT RR, Lapel Pin & Tie Pin Set (Gold Plated)

7 DOU, White Metal Salver with Italian Resin Frame

412 (I) ENGR SQN, JCOs MESS Visitors Book
Smaller Size with White Metal Cover

412 (I) ENGR SQN, Wall Clock 
with Sweep Moment

HQ 6 SECT RR, Leather Key Chain with Metal Hook

JAK RIF REGT CENTRE, Coffee Mug Set of 2

JAK RIF REGT CENTRE, Tie Pin & Lapel Pin Set

MAHAR REGT CENTRE, PJ Wooden Sketch Framed 
in Italian Resin Wooden Finish Frame 32"

SONDHI Metal Engraving Key Chain

66 ENGR REGT, Steel Board with Reunion Collage 
& Italian Resin Frame (Wall Hanging)

131 AD REGT, Brass Etched Wooden Memento
(Table Top & Wall Hanging)

2 RAJRIF, Lazer Engraved Hip Flask in Presentation Box

203 ENGR, Ladies Saree Broach in Brass Etching

203 ENGR, Golden Jubilee Wall Clock

15 RR, Framed Pure Silver Chinar Leaf

23 RR, White Metal Trophy Ht:39"

MRC, PJ Glass Wood Table Clock

MRC, PJ Leather Golf Bar Tool Set


MRC, PJ Wrist Watch

1812 RKT REGT, Wooden Memento

1812 RKT REGT, Wrist Watch

AVS, Wooden Memento with White Metal Plates



26 AD REGT, Framed White Metal Special Salver 12" dia

HQ 13 SECT RR, White Metal Trophy Ht: 24"

43 ARMD REGT, Framed White Metal Scroll

HQ 11 CORPS, Wrist Watch

50 ARMD REGT, Officers Memento

INDIAN AIR FORCE, Officers Memento

75 ARMD REGT, Wall Clock

75 ARMD REGT, Arjun Tank Pure Silver

2 Ladakh Scouts, Pure Silver Cutlery Set

2 Ladakh Scouts, Pure Silver IBAX Head CO Cane

75 ARMD REGT, Dark Wood & Glass Table Clock

43 ARMD REGT, Pure Silver Chariot Lapel Pin

HQ 12 INF DIV, Golden Jubilee Wall Clock

Indian Army, Sun Shade

43 ARMD REGT, Wall Clock

Indian National Flag Lapel Pin

43 ARMD REGT, Wood & Glass Table Clock

Jaisalmer War Museum, Wood & Glass Table Clock

Jaisalmer War Museum, Metal Key Chain with Color Printing

43 ARMD REGT, Black Net Caps

43 ARMD REGT, Table/Alarm Clock

43 ARMD REGT, Wooden Plaque Memento

Jaisalmer War Museum, Steel Hip Flask

HQ 254(I) ARMD BDE, Framed Steel Board

HQ 117 MTN BDE, Visitors Book

HQ 117 MTN BDE, Stainless Steel Tray/Table Display Tags

43 ARMD REGT, Cufflinks & Tie-pins

Jaisalmer War Museum, Visiting Card Holder

OXFAM, Medal with Digital Printed Lanyard 

13 MAHAR, OFFRs Memento


2 JAT, Mountaineering Expedition Memento

MES Palam, Wooden Book Type Memento

GOC-in-C Northern Command, Wrist Watch

13 SECTOR RR, Well Done Coffee Mug

13 SECTOR RR, Leather Key Chain

13 SECTOR RR, Table Clock

13 SECTOR RR, Wall Clock

162TA Kashmir Terriers, Memento

162TA Kashmir Terriers, Memento

2 SIKH REGT, Wall Clock

8 ENGR REGT, Leatherite Laptop Bag

HQ 13 SECT RR, Collared T-shirt

13 MAHAR REGT, Steam Beach Wood Plaque Memento

9 GRENADIERS, Golden Jubilee Tie pin, Lapel pin & Cufflink Set

8 ENGR REGT, Gift Set

2 NAGA REGT, Wooden Book Memento with Photoframe

15RR, GORKHA BUST in 3D Engraving with Revolving LED BASE


Mahar Regt Centre, Metal Casting Key Chain

13 Mahar Regt, Golden Jubilee Saree Broach

13 Mahar Regt, JCO's MESS Silver Trophy

13 Mahar Regt, Golden Jubilee Wooden Pen Set

20 Kumaon Double Side Steel Etching Board

22 MED REGT, VC Lapel Pin

13 SECT RR, White Metal Salver

165 MTN BDE, Guest Room Steel Slide-in Board

23 INF DIV, Artifact Small Book Memento

21 CORPS, Book Type Memento with Steel Plates

AWC Red Cap

7015 EME Bn, Wood & Steel Memento

HQ 7 SECT AR, Morung Hut Memento

3 FD SUB GP, Wooden Memento

HQ 12 Corps, Konark Wheel Cufflink Set

8 MTN DIV, Leather Wallets (Gents/Ladies)


15 ARMD REGT, Metal Pen & Key Chain Set

7 SECT AR, Centre Piece Trophy

124 TA, OFFRS Memento

4 Corps, Leatherite Things to Do

20 Kumaon, Aarti Board

ITBP, Tie Cufflink Set